Here’s the graduation picture of Yamen, going from Sr Kindergarten to Grade One.  How proud is he!!  He couldn’t wait to share the picture.  Not bad for a child who has been going to school only since January! 

Nabil and Tim went to Costco last week and his eyes were pretty wide.  He bought some cheeses, diapers, etc. etc.  He filled his cart no problem.  It was an enjoyable outing.

Nabil had his first appointment with a dentist at Mt. Sinai Hospital. There will be many more visits.  Yamen will see the dentist later this month. His teeth, as reported earlier are not in great shape.  There is work to be done.  His dental treatment will be free!  Yaman’s teeth are fine for the moment.  Rawaa also needs work.

The family continues to make friends.  The Orabis and three other families went to the beach.  They had a BBQ and the men and boys went swimming in the lake.  The verdict was….very cold water!  Nabil says often that his family are very, very happy in Toronto.

Thanks to Tim and Dan for all your work with the family. Thanks, Tim, for providing this update.