One of the first things you’ll hear at Glenview, is that we take our music seriously. We are blessed with an intimate and beautiful worship space with fine acoustics, excellent instruments, and many enthusiastic musicians lead by our Director of Music, Peter Merrick

We worship through a wide-ranging repertoire, including classical church music, Celtic, Latin-American, African-American, and Hebraic styles.

Our Church Choir is a group of more than 30 dedicated singers, including 4 professional leaders. They meet from September to early June with rehearsals on Thursdays.

Glenview is also known for our Jazz services. Several times throughout the year, we welcome some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians to join us in an uplifting (and improvised) musical worship. Past services have welcomed such notable performers as Brian Barlow, Robi Botos, Guido Basso, Joe Sealy, and Barbra Lica.