When you spend money at your usual places for food, and other household items, Glenview can receive a percentage (between 2%-10% depending on the vendor) of these purchases back!

If one family purchases $200 per week for groceries and pharmaceuticals (3%) and $50 per week for gas (2%) they could raise over $350.00/year for our Church.

Glenview participates in the FundScrip Canadian Gift Card fundraising programme.

It offers an easy way for our church to raise money by simply encouraging members to use gift cards when buying groceries, shopping at top retailers, buying gasoline, or eating at popular restaurants.


FundScrip cards are available for over 180 of Canada's top retailers including:

Retailer list


Download an order form, or pick one up from the Church office. Completed order forms may be returned to a volunteer after the service, each Sunday, during the coffee hour. Cheques should be made payable to Glenview Presbyterian Church. You can also purchase cards online (see instructions below).

Your Group Administrator will distribute cards each Sunday after the service, or have them held at the Church office, for you to pick up at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Wiggan or the church office. For more information, please download the Fundscrip Quickstart Guide.

Can I purchase Fundscrip cards online?

Yes - however, it requires a few extra steps. Normally, when you buy something online, your transaction is handled through your credit card company. Fundscrip doesn't accept credit card payments (because those credit card fees would eat up most of the profits it passes along to the groups for which it raises money). 

The easiest way to pay for your cards on-line is by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Ask your Glenview Group Administrator for an EFT form.  Attach a voided cheque to the completed form, and return it via fax or e-mail to FundScrip. You will then soon be activated to purchase cards on-line with zero bank fees! 

Alternatively, you can use  an Interac money transfer (if your bank offers it) when ordering online. You can also set up Fundscrip like you would an online bill payment. You can place an order, then go to your banking website and pay your Fundscrip bill much like you'd pay your phone, credit card or utility bill. Once it receives your money, it processes your order (usually in just a couple of days). 

How do I order online?

  1. Visit www.fundscrip.com and click on Sign Up in the upper right hand corner
  2. Complete the information in the “Become a Supporter” section. Be sure to enter Glenview’s Invitation Code: ESSDHX
  3. Click on Sign Up and you will be sent a confirmation email
  4. Click the link in the confirmation email, and complete your registration. Now you are ready to begin placing orders!
  5. Click on the green Buy Cards button to begin adding gift cards to your cart.
  6. Choose Glenview as the campaign you want to support
  7. Choose a payment method (either EFT, Interac, or as a payee in your online banking account)
  8. Choose as a distribution method “Hold for pick-up at Church"  This will save you shipping charges, as all Glenview orders will be batched together to lower costs. You do have the option of having up to four cards mailed to your home at an additional charge.
  9.  Check out and you are done!