What is your church service like?

That’s hard to explain without experiencing it firsthand. Our services tend to be more traditional, with a full adult choir, hymns, and selected readings from the bible. We serve communion several times a year (although not every week like other denominations). Our minister delivers a thought-provoking sermon each Sunday (you can listen to them on our podcast page). Afterward, we gather to socialize over coffee and tea in the church hall. You’re welcome to join us. In the meantime, learn about the other programs and services we run at Glenview.

What can I do with my kids?

Most families start the service by sitting together in the pews. After a morning prayer, our minister calls the children who are present to the front of the church for a special children’s lesson.
Afterwards students head off to church school. Your children are more than welcome to attend, or return to sit with you in the pews.
If you have infants, please take advantage of our fully-staffed nursery.

What is the music like?

We take our music seriously at Glenview. Under the direction of Peter Merrick, our excellent adult choir performs everything from Mendelssohn to spirituals.  Each week you’ll hear from our pipe organ, grand piano and soloists. You’ll also find regular appearances by guest musicians, ranging from jazz quartets, to strings and timpani drums!

What do I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. However, for our 10:30 service you will find that many of our members put on their “Sunday best” since the service and surroundings tend to be more formal.
Our 9:00 earlyView service tends to be more casual, with families arriving before hockey practice, or joggers heading out for a quick 5K afterward. 
During the summer months, we have one service at 10:00am. We don’t have air conditioning, so please dress for comfort.

How do I get there?

We have a whole page devoted to that answer.

Will I be singled out if I’m new?

No. We won’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, like wearing a button, or standing up to introduce yourself. Early in the service, we do make a point of turning to each other to greet those sitting near us, but we make no distinction between those who've been coming to Glenview for years and those just visiting for the weekend.
We do ask members and visitors to fill out a form that can be found in every pew, so we can keep track of attendance. If you feel comfortable, please fill it out (we promise we won’t spam you).

How will I know when to stand up or sit down?

As a rule of thumb: we stand for the entry of the bible at the start of our service, and we stand whenever we sing. Just watch the people around you


Only if you want to. We do collect an offering each week. Many members leave a weekly donation - others sign up for pre-authorized givings to help Glenview carry out its programs and mission work. 

What do you guys believe?

The website at the Presbyterian Church in Canada sums it up well:

As Presbyterians, we believe in the triune God. In other words, God is one person and yet three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is the written revelation of who God is. It is important to gather weekly for worship and to also regularly experience the sacraments of communion. Baptism is seen as a visible sign of God’s promise to God’s people.

Do you believe in global warming and evolution?


Do you practice faith healing, or speaking in tongues?


can I come to worship if I identify as Lgbtqia2+?

Yes. You may have heard that our denomination is still struggling with acceptance of all people, regardless of sexual or gender identity. Glenview welcomes everybody because that’s what we believe a Christian congregation should do. (If you go to Toronto’s Pride Parade you’ll see our Senior Minister. He’s the guy in the red shirt and he’s usually holding up the Presbyterian Pride banner!

what if i’m not a presbyterian?

Frankly, few Canadians are Presbyterian! We’re one of the smaller denominations in Canada. We welcome anyone who wants to worship with us. We invite anyone who’s interested to share in our groups, programs, and events. If you come when we’re celebrating Communion, and want to share in it, you’re welcome to do so.

What is a Presbyterian Church, anyway?

The word Presbyterian means “led by elders”, and it refers to how we organize our church.
Many churches have a hierarchical structure. Our structure involves both ministers and members of congregations.
A Presbyterian Church is overseen at a local level by its local Session, a group of Elders elected by the congregation who meet regularly to lead and serve the congregation. They in turn send a representative to a larger regional group called a Presbytery, which in turn sends ministers and elders to a national assembly every year.
You can find out more information at the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.