The Presbyterian Church in Canada is engaged in church-wide conversation about human sexuality. Key concerns are the denomination's position regarding homosexuality, marriage, and the eligibility of LGBTQ+ persons for office and leadership in the church.

Two official bodies are leading the conversations. The Life and Mission Agency of the denomination (staff and a committee from across the church); and the General Assembly Standing Committee on Church Doctrine (representatives nominated by Presbyteries and theological faculty of our colleges). The Church Doctrine Committee is divided. They seek input from Presbyterians through several media. One is an online survey.

Glenview Session encourages you to follow the link below and express your views. There will be opportunities for response within our congregation, as well. We are asked to respond by January 31, 2018. To respond to the survey you do not have to read all the documentation provided. There is a summary in the survey.

Link to Church Doctrine Committee Survey.