Our team had their monthly budget meeting with the Orabi family last Wednesday. It was a good meeting. The team discussed some of the things going on at Rose Avenue School: Valentine's Day, report card day and school music days. Rawaa blushed when Valentine’s Day was mentioned. Apparently it means something different in Syria! Since they missed parent teacher interviews in mid-January, scheduling one in February was suggested. They agreed and will do so.

There was a great discussion on the happenings in Quebec City and the general issues in the world directed at Muslims.  Although Rawaa was a bit frightened, they know that these incidents are rare in Canada and that we are all behind them 100%.  They are part of our church family and we support them completely. It made them feel good to have this conversation.

Last Saturday our team took the family to the Adonis grocery to shop for food. That is always a fun time.  The kids love whipping around the store with the buggy! After discussing their English classes with Nabil and Rawaa team members felt they need to be in a program where they will learn more. This is their desire.

After a long wait the whole family will visit the clinic at Women’s College Hospital later this month. This is good news.

Thank you for your continued support of our sponsorship of this wonderful family from Syria!

WE WILL SOON NEED support to cover dental expenses for Nabil and Rawaa. More details to come. The children's dental care is covered by a city program.

THANKS! as always to Tim Steele and Dan Melhem for the many hours they continue to spend with the Orabis.

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