We've been waiting a long time to welcome the Syrian family that we have sponsored! The Orabi family have been waiting much longer in Beirut, after fleeing the devastation of their neighbourhood in a suburb of Damascus. Their home is gone. They're looking forward to making a new home in Canada. We've been talking with them about once a week since we first learned their names in the Spring, thanks to our faithful translator and interpreter, Dan.

October 4

Nabil and Rawaa, their sons Yamen (age 5), Yaman (4), and baby daughter Arwa (nine months) were scheduled to arrive in Toronto this evening. Last Friday we received word that their departure from Beirut has been delayed. Baby Arwa has an ear infection. She was to see a doctor today. We will keep in touch with the family. We hope and pray for a speedy recovery and an arrival in Canada soon.

October 5

We called Beirut this morning.  Arwa has been given a clean bill of health.  Apparently she had been sick for a week or so and the visit to the doctor was a follow-up.  She has finished her antibiotics and is clear to fly.  The doctor will send a note to our government representatives in Lebanon to let them know their status.  It is expected they will be on the way within the next two weeks.  Of course this could change at any time.

Dan told them that the apartment is ready now. Rawa mentioned that she hoped we haven’t gone to too much trouble on their behalf.  They are excited to come and thanked our team and the church for what we are doing for them.