Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe was officially inducted as Glenview's Senior minister during a special 4:00 service at Glenview on November 1st. 

Members of the congregation and The Presbytery of East Toronto were in attendance. 

You can listen to a recording of the service here:

Part 1 involves the Narration of Steps and an induction Prayer. Participants: Mr. Michael Reid, Moderator of Presbytery

Part 2 involves the Charge and Covenant from the Presbytery and the Congregation. Participants: Mr. Michael Reid, Moderator of Presbytery; Barbara Hepburn, Clerk of Session; Rev. Dr. Robert Faris, Interim Moderator; Geoff Olson, Representing Glenview Family; Rev. Dr. Maureen Walter, Minister of St. John's Church; Charlotte Youngson, recently ordained Elder at Glenview; Grant Vistorino, Representative Elder from Glenview to the Presbytery of East Toronto; Rev. Alex Bisset, Clerk of the Presbytery of East Toronto

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