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Upper Lobby

A First Look: Accessible Glenview

There’s still some construction work to finish, but we got a first look at our new accessible renovations during our open house on January 24th. Post by Glenview Presbyterian Church.

New Entrance construction

Accessible Glenview Update: The Race to the Finish

There are several different tradesmen working at Glenview now to finish this project. Fire Protection: The fire suppression sprinkler system is installed and has been air tested. The water testing is pending. The framing for the fire shutter in the first floor lobby and for the stained glass window protection is installed. Delivery and installation…

Games Night

Games Night and Pot-Luck Dinner

Break out the Monopoly money. Grab your Scrabble dictionary. Bring in your spare Wii controller. Our annual Games Night and pot-luck dinner is back. Join us on Friday, January 30th for a night of board games, group challenges, and video-game skills competitions. Sign up on Facebook and invite a friend.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn: Helping Others Through Loss and Grief

There is a time for everything … a time to weep, a season to grieve. As believers, it is assuring to know that our merciful God brings us everlasting comfort and hope. Are you walking alongside someone who may be grieving or challenged to let go of a sad loss? Would you like to better…

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