Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe

Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe

Our Senior Minister Rev. Dr. Laurence DeWolfe, came to us in November 2015 from Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, where he taught preaching and pastoral leadership for fifteen years, and directed the distance degree program. In Halifax he also served as pastor of the Church of Saint David and Interim Minister at Calvin Church.

Laurence is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Knox College in Toronto, and McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago. He is married to Rev. Janet DeWolfe, a Child and Youth Mental Health Worker. They have one daughter, Maggie, who lives and works in Kitchener. They welcomed their first grandchild, Ava into the world in April.

A few years ago senior students at AST introduced Laurence to new students, saying, “This guy will teach you something, whether you want to be taught or not.” He loves to teach, especially when he can teach by telling stories. He has a habit of giving long answers to short questions. Preaching and leading worship are his greatest joys. He sees being with people as a pastor in their times of joy and sorrow as a great privilege.

Laurence likes to quote the Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tze, who said, “The mark of a true leader is that, when he is gone, they will say, ‘We did it ourselves.’” He often says, “God’s call to us is always forward, outward, and toward the other.” He sees his work as helping Glenview live its mission statements: "Transforming Lives" and "Seek the peace of the city, for when the city prospers, everyone prospers."

More than anything else, Laurence loves being a grandfather. Whenever he has time Laurence enjoys singing and listening to choral music, savouring good food and wine, reading a Scottish murder mystery, watching a good pitching game of baseball (Go Jays!), and cheering for Arsenal in the English Premier League (just not all at the same time). He loves to think through big issues while taking long walks, especially if he has a conversation partner who also likes to walk.

He recently wrote a chapter in a book of essays about the popular author C.S. Lewis, Both Sides of the Wardrobe. His last project was writing a paper that he presented at a conference in South Africa in March, 2016: Paradox and Promise: Preaching in Canada Post-Truth and Reconciliation Commission. His next project will be teaching preaching in three cities in India in February 2018.

For nine years Laurence wrote a popular monthly column for preachers. You can find an archive of Laurence's monthly columns in the now defunct Presbyterian Record here.

You can read his very occasional Blog here.

He can be reached at (416) 488-1156 x 26 or by email: Laurence [at] glenviewchurch [dot] ca