Sermon Podcast - May 19, 2019

What do we do while we wait? Have you ever stood in line, waiting to buy a ticket to an event, or a toy for a Christmas gift? Have you ever had to wait for surgery, treatment, or test results? You mind is occupied with anticipation of what's to come. What do you do with your hands, or with yourself as you wait? To live as a Christian in this world is to wait. As singer-songwriter John Mayer put it, we're "waiting on the world to change." We may not understand all Jesus' words about leaving and coming back. Visions like the last chapters of Revelation may confuse us. But we get the sense from both that something's coming, to us and to the whole world. What do we do while we wait to see what that will be? reflects on Revelation 21:1-6 (The Holy City), Psalm 148 and John 13:31-35 (Jesus says good-bye and gives his disciples instructions.)