Glenview Podcast - November 11, 2018

In a sermon for Remembrance Day, Laurence offers contemporary examples of “addiction to privilege”. He compares them to the Scribes Jesus warned his disciples about. Jesus says they “devour widows’ houses.” Then a poor widow shows up to give her offering. Laurence moves on to two more widows, Naomi and Ruth, and to Boaz. Boaz can help these widows, and he does. He understands that, with privilege comes responsibility. The link to Remembrance Day is with the men and women who fought in the past, because they understood that the privilege of living in Canada, in freedom came with great responsibility. Readings are Ruth 3:1-5, 4:13-17 and Mark 12:38-44.

Contemporary references:

Marco Muzzo

Teri-Lynne McClintic

Tony Clement