Sermon Podcast - January 7

In a sermon reflecting on John 1:35-51 Laurence focuses on the story of Jesus' first followerss, as John's Gospel tells it. Jesus asks some disciples of John the Baptist, "What are you looking for?" They ask, "Where are you staying?" Jesus replies, "Come and see." As is typical of John's Gospel, every word in that exchange is significant, carrying more than one meaning. Laurence chooses "stay", which has also been translated as "abide". The first disciples are interested in where they will stay for the night if they go with Jesus. They're also asking about his whole life, and the source of his life. Can they share in that life? Jesus says, "Come and see." (Laurence's "next job" after he retires will not be "Social Media Influencer", though he will likely continue to use social media. He'll also keep on doing his best to influence people for Jesus.)