The title of this post links to an important article by John Wimberly.

"There is still a need for programming, but it needs to be focused on deepening our members’ spiritual lives, creating small, intimate communities, and offering hands-on mission opportunities. Even in these areas, we face fierce competition from yoga, meditation, and spiritual retreats of many kinds, and from a plethora of nonprofits doing mission work that used to be the domain primarily of congregations.

"Congregations today are liberated to deepen the spiritual lives of their members and teach them the eternal truths of their theological traditions. What does it mean to be a Lutheran, Reform Jew, or Unitarian? [Or a Presbyterian.] No secular group is going to do a better job of helping our members answer questions such as these. The strong competition for our members’ time is an incredible opportunity for us to define more clearly what God is calling our congregation and its members to do in this time and place." ~ John Wimberly