Kidsview Logo

Kidsview is the name of Glenview’s active church school program. A vital part of Glenview’s ministry is investing in our youth, and helping to shape, nurture and welcome them into our congregation. Kennis Kim, our director of Christian Education has spoken across North America about her innovative approach to teaching young people about the stories in the bible, and the fundamentals of Christian faith.

During each week’s main Sunday service, our students are given a brief lesson by our minister, then leave the service to attend classes aimed at different age groups, all staffed by our dedicated group of volunteer Christian educators. The lessons feature innovative ways to build basic biblical literacy and tackle larger themes, such as the role of women in the bible, environmental stewardship, or the reconciliation science and faith. 

Outside of Kidsview, Glenview offers several programs aimed at children in the neighbourhood.

  • Girl Guides, Brownies and Sparks meet weekly in our Church Hall (Monday and Thursdays).
  • Sportball offers several program Friday morning, offering multi-sport activities for both parents and young children.
  • On Saturday mornings, the Children’s Arts Theatre school offers professional theatre training for children ages three to fifteen.