In this video Amy talks about the fourth part of The Five Part Story: The Spirit Leads Us to God. Amy says the Holy Spirit is "hard to pin down". We can imagine what Jesus might have looked like, and we can read stories about him written by people who were close to the time he lived in. There's a lot about the Spirit of God in the Bible, too, but it's all over the book and the Spirit is described in many ways.

Watch the video, but don't be embarrassed if you can't put it all together. Bring your questions to class.

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After watching the video, go on to watch the short video about Communion that's below the words from Living Faith.

Here are some words from Living Faith, a Presbyterian Church in Canada statement of beliefs:

Chapter Four - God the Holy Spirit

4.1 The Holy Spirit is God with Us

4.1.1 The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the triune God and is One with the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the Lord and Giver of Life, the Renewer and Helper of God's people. By the Spirit, God is present in the world, the source of all goodness and justice. By the Spirit, God convinces the world of sin and testifies to the truth of Christ. By the Spirit, Christ is with his church.

4.2 The Holy Spirit Enables People to Believe

4.2.1  The Spirit enables people to receive the good news of Christ to repent of their sins, and to be adopted as children of God. As we hear and respond to the Gospel we freely turn to Christ. When we have turned and repented, we recognize that the Spirit enabled us to believe.

4.2.2  The Holy Spirit accompanies us on our journey of faith. We may not always be sure of this presence. Yet God's Spirit is with us, sometimes gently, sometimes powerfully, guiding us in the midst of life, our comfort and our help. Christian life is a pilgrimage: it begins. continues, and ends in God.